Translation HELP

Formerly known as The Translation People, TranslationHELP is part of the International Translators Network, with translators all over the world able to translate from and into almost all known languages. The difference is that it is people at their desks, native speakers all, who do the work, as opposed to the innumerable ‘machine’ translators that are available online today. Have you ever tried using one of those? Here’s an example taken from a ‘translation service’ chosen at random:

ORIGINAL in English: At about 1pm the man, whose identity and age have not been released, was seen to carry out several turns in the air, but his kite was climbing higher than usual.

TRANSLATION into Spanish: Aproximadamente 1pm que vieron al hombre, cuya identidad y edad no se han lanzado, para realizar varias vueltas en el aire, pero su cometa subía más arriba que generalmente.

TRANSLATION back into ‘English’: Approximately 1pm that saw the man, whose identity and age have not been sent, to realise several returns in the air, but its comet raised more above than generally.

More importantly, however, is the need for correct understanding in situations where a little knowledge of Spanish could even be dangerous: court or medical visits, banking, legal transactions, etc. It is important to have experience by your side in these circumstances.
The local link to the network is Alberto Bullrich, a translator and interpreter of long experience in English and Spanish, who has lived in the area for over 20 years and, according to some, ‘knows everyone’. Fees for interpreters are charged according to complexity and by the hour, from €5; written translations are charged per word.
Contact him direct on 685 052 684 or by e-mail at